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Some Cobra's I've had the pleasure of seeing
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funfordlogo.jpg (27476 bytes)
Fun Ford Weekend Norwalk Ohio, 1999

Greg_Lapoint.jpg (81084 bytes)
Greg on his way to run in the nostalgia class at Norwalk.
Greg_w_car.jpg (85836 bytes)
Greg Lapoint with the famous wheelie car.
Gregs_dash.jpg (91684 bytes)
Gregs_engine.jpg (98164 bytes)
Heath_John.jpg (88392 bytes)
Heath Hammersmith gave me a ride in his BEAUTIFUL car!
Heath_pedals.jpg (93500 bytes)
Heathsmall.jpg (11156 bytes)
Me looking at Heath's car. Not visible is the drool running down my chin.
Heaths_engine.jpg (76264 bytes)
WOW, nufsaid
Gregs_front.jpg (98756 bytes)
There's nothing like the front view of a snake.
Gregs_rear.jpg (95216 bytes)
Heaths_front.jpg (77292 bytes)
Heaths_interior.jpg (78640 bytes)
Heaths_wheel.jpg (80576 bytes)

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Brunswick Ohio Saturday Night Cruise-ins, 1999
Every Saturday night during the summer there is a great Cruise-in at the Brunswick Ohio Big Boy. Always lots of awesome cars and usually a few Cobras.

1 Fine ERA!

ERA interior

ERA trunk

427! WOW!

ERA dash

Another NICE ERA

Jeff Hamilton's first FFR

I'm Lovin it!
(Jeff's FFR)

Jeff's Mustang conversion gauges

Jeff's plate (Truth in advertising)

Check out the shine!


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Brunswick Ohio Saturday Night Cruise-ins, 2000

Princess & the Big Boy

Maury Novak's Beautiful Classic Roadsters Cobra

I like those spats.

He painted this in his garage. It looks incredible!

LA Exotic Wheels on Maury's car

Comfy seats

I love these hood hinges and the liner

A superb Superformance

You can't go wrong with a bigblock, (or a smallblock for that matter)

Loads of nice details

Another nice hood. (This is kind of a sore spot on my FFR)

Unknown Manufacturer

This one is a driver.

I thinks that's a 427. It sounded NICE!

Does anyone know who makes this one?

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Some other Cobra's I've had the pleasure of seeing

Dale & Michelle Ryba's FFR
(Check out the FFR logo)

Dale's car has a beautiful black on silver paint job.

More Truth in Advertising

I think Dale said these were Stewart Warner gauges

A bad picture of the beautiful FFR logo Dale made.




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