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Rick Leyva's Factory Five Cobra with Burl Walnut Dash Board

Rick sent me these pictures of his beautiful burl walnut dash with glove compartment. The walnut veneer is laminated to the stock Factory Five aluminum dash. Check out how the grain matches across the gap between the dash and glove compartment lid. The finish is a poured on two part clear coat. He used SOS type concealed cabinet hinges and hardware from his donor Mustang for the glove compartment. If you're interested in finding out the details, you can contact Rick at



Dave Houstea's Mustang Turbine Wheels with spinner hubcaps

These Pictures were passed on to me by  David Gagnard. Dave Houstea fabricated the center caps from sheet and bar aluminum and some spare spinners. I love the way they look. Just shows what you can do with some work and a lot of ingenuity.  Awesome ideal Dave!



Michael Sullivan's Radiator Bracket Pictures

Mike sent me these pictures of a reinforced lower radiator bracket he fabricated for his Factory Five Cobra. Looks great Mike. 

Using a 32" x 1" x 3/16" strap, I welded a 22" x 3/4"od piece of square tubing flush to one of the edges of the strap. I welded it 5 inches in from the end of the strap on either side. That made the tubing centered on the 32" length of  strap. On both ends of the strap, on the same side that I welded the square tubing, I welded a 1" wide x 1/2" thick and 2" long piece of metal that acts as a spacer. The bracket now mounts between the lower radiator rails with the flush side against the front radiator rail. The ends of the strap with the welded spacers should butt up perfectly against the frame of the car. Use a bolt through each side of the frame to fasten the bracket and then attach the front rail of the radiator to the tubing of the bracket with sheet metal screws or small bolts.