Journal: November 2000


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  Monday 11/13/00, Not much has happened on the Cobra side of my life in the last couple of weeks so this is going to be a quick update. I've been playing around with the Corbeau seat that I bought last month and I think it may work after all. A couple of people on the Cobraforum suggested that raising the seat off the floor would help with the fit. I'd have never believed that adding an inch and a half would make any difference but it allowed me to get the drivers seat mounted straight. It still feels a little weird but that's probably due more to my fat ass than anything. I may try to come up with a solution for moving the brake lever on the passenger side.

I've also been mulling over solutions for connecting the kits lights to the Mustang harness. The ultimate would be waterproof OEM style connectors, but the few I was able to find were very expensive. I thought about the flat trailer style connectors, but the wire pigtails on these were not large enough for the headlights. I decided to go with crimp-on female bullet style connectors for the harness since the running lights come with male bullets pre-installed. When covered with heatshrink tubing this should provide a reliable weather proof connection at a reasonable price.

Speaking of wiring, I finally finished cleaning up and mounting the rear harness. This one was pretty easy, but it gave me enough of a taste of wiring to know that the front harnesses are going to take longer than I thought. In order to mount the harness I needed to know how the rear aluminum pieces fit so I temporarily screwed them to the frame. It's looking pretty good!

Next on the agenda are the front harnesses and vacuum lines. I've been trying to think of a way to really show the process of trimming the harness, but in this case a picture is NOT worth a thousand words. It's just a tedious process of following the circuits though the harness and removing everything that isn't needed. My only advice would be to remove one wire at a time after you have an overview of the entire circuit. I'm finding that there are quite a few splices buried under the electrical tape so it's best to find these before you start cutting.

  Sunday 11/19/00, I reinstalled the rear wiring harness this weekend. Yea I know I already did this, but this time I wrapped it in plastic wire loom. I did this mostly to protect the battery cable from abrasion. As a side benefit, I was able to cover the terminals on the battery cutoff switch with loom. I posted a few pictures of it here along with some pics of the cars current state. I also started cutting down the front harnesses this weekend. This is going to force me to make some decisions on what type of switches and indicator lights I want on the dash. I also need to decide if I want to use the gauge pod or replace it with connectors or terminal blocks.

  Tuesday 11/28/00, Still working on the wiring. I have the computer harness and emission control vacuum lines done and I'm moving on to the headlight harness then the dash. Truth be told, I probably only have about 20 hours in it so far and a lot of that was spent redoing the rear harness. It's really pretty easy using the Ford wiring diagram. It has a chart that shows all the wires sorted by color and stripe. This allows you to find the circuit on the diagram then determine if it can be removed.

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