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Assembly (Go-cart, and Wiring)
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Ready for a cart ride

Now that it runs, the next job is cleaning up the wiring harness


Coil & starter solenoid

The computer fits in the footbox

If you don't hook up this connector located by the computer your fuel pump wont run

A mess O' wires!

A few more wires.

New Speedometer gear. Use a black (20 tooth) gear for a 3:55 rearend.

I like this picture and I needed something to fill this hole


Rear harness prior trimming.

Rear harness after trimming. I removed wires for power seats, mirrors, speakers, hatch solenoid, gas door solenoid, defroster, etc.

Passenger side rear connectors. I used female bullet connectors to mate with the male bullet connectors that are pre-installed on the lights.

Rear harness routing

I left connectors for backup lights in case I want to add them. (They don't come with the kit.)

Drivers side rear harness and inertia fuel cutoff switch.

Rear harness routing

Rear harness routing (The extra loops on battery cables allow it to be dropped for maintenance.)


Rear harness routing past the battery cutoff switch.


Rear harness routing up the front of the drivers footbox.

Rear harness enters the drivers footbox.



Transmission harness routing.


Engine Harness and emission vacuum lines

Emission control valves

Vacuum canister

I routed the engine harness along the firewall

More of engine harness (It would clean things up if you run the harness through the foot box here)

Horn & lower radiator hose (I installed the plastic to prevent chafing)

My take on engine harness routing

More routing

Starter Solenoid

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Headlight & Alternator harness routing

Cooling fan Thermostat


Thermostat location


|Radiator Filler T fitting and overflow hose


I routed the overflow hose through the fan shroud



Extra "stuff" removed from the wiring harness.

Forte's clutch quadrant and adjuster. Note the pedal stop under the clutch arm

Fortes clutch quadrant

Drivers footbox
(No rivets yet)


Drivers footbox

Drivers footbox.


Aluminum tab keeps the battery tray hooks from falling out if they loosen up.

Inertia cutoff switch


Remote battery terminals

Trunk aluminum.

Body's on!

(Unhappy Cobra dog.)



Things I fixed

Cracked Balljoint boots


Things I fixed

I replaced the boots with poly boots from Energy Suspensions

Things I fixed

Steering stops allowed the wheels to hit the lower control arms

Things I fixed

I made wider steering stops from PVC pipe

Things I fixed

Passenger side header hit the mount. I ground the mount and dinged the header

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