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Engine Installation Pictures

Click on the image to view a more detailed picture.

New FMS clutch. This side goes towards the engine.

Clutch alignment tool ( $2.00)
I also replaced the pilot bearing that the shaft fits in to.

Line up the 3 pins on the flywheel.

A new throw out bearing comes with FMS clutch. Lightly grease the pivot points on the clutch fork.

Clutch fork pivot ball.

Adjust the front shocks high enough to allow the engine hoist to fit under the frame.

Check out that new hoist.

Almost there

John was breathing a little easier at this point
. (Time for a beer!)

Be careful not to ding the footbox with the air tube when installing the engine

I'm liking that perfectly centered shifter.

Removing the fuel line connector. First remove the clamp.

I made a tool from a piece of hose clamp

Shove the tool into the connector & pull it apart.


I used a wire brush to abrade the plastic hose This made it easier to remove.

Cleaned up hose barb.

Double flares on the ends of the fuel lines prevent the hose from pulling off

The passenger side header is VERY close to the engine mount. It might need some tweaking.

Passenger side J pipe.

Remote oil filter

Clutch pedal looks a little high. More tweaking.

I made an aluminum spacer to move the clutch cable away from the oil lines.

Clutch cable

Drive shaft.. Does anyone have any ideas about covering the back of the battery switch?

Mass air sensor

Evaporation canister purge solenoid.

My fan shroud was damaged in the wreck. I did a little trimming to smooth out the bottom edge

FFR suppiled fan installed on the shroud.

Throttle bracket


Lower Rad. hose

Lower Rad. hose

Upper Rad. Hose

Moroso Filller

Ugly Overflow canister. I've got to find something better.

Sidepipe mount

Sidepipe mount

Sidepipe mount

Sidepipe &
J-Pipe junction

J-pipe after the paint bubbled up and fell off.

Heater hoses

I re-installed the donors power steering using Ford's AC eliminator bracket Part # M-8511-A50

Belt Routing with relocated power steering pump and no airpump

Belt number using the AC elimnator bracket and no airpump

Power steering

The Alternator rectifier plug on Ford 2G alternators has been know to over- heat.

It's best to replace the plug if it is loose from being reinstalled several times


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