Journal: January 2003


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  Sunday 1/13/2003, Well I think the web site is as done as it's going to get. In the last few days I've added some pictures of the finished car and some of the final assembly steps. I also updated the links page and cleaned out a bunch of dead links.

This has been a great project. There were a few frustrating moments... refinishing the wheels and dealing with the first body shop, but the positives far out weigh those. I learned how to assemble a car, build a web site and I've met a bunch of great people along the way. I was going to say the the ultimate payoff was having this sweet car parked in the garage but I think it has really been all the people I've met online and in person.

If you are considering building a Cobra replica I wouldn't hesitate recommending Factory Five's kit. It's a kit that the average guy can build and finish. You don't see many unfinished kits for sale which says something for their ease of assembly. For your trouble you will end up with a reliable great looking car for a reasonable price. Factory Five's new Mark II Roadster also has many improvements over the model that I have so it's even a better value now.

I hope my site has helped you gain a better understanding of the Factory Five kit and assembly process. If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me. I'll do my best to answer them or put you in touch with some one that can.

Best Regards,

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