Journal: June 1999 (Teardown of the Mustang)
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6/26/99 I started tearing down my donor Mustang today. I�m following the Factory Five manuals great step by step instructions. I�ll be adding any insight that I think might help others in with their tear down. Keep in mind that this is my first time doing this so there may be better a way. This is just what worked for me.

Removed the Radiator: I found that it was much easier to get to the drain petcock and get to lower rediator hose by moving the plastic flaps in the wheel wells out of the way.
Note: To
avoid gouging the radiator fins, have two people guide the radiator past the water pump pulley.
Air Conditioner Removal: My AC was already drained, so I used a hack saw to cut the tubes running to the condenser. While I was at it, I removed the AC hoses from the compressor and the accumulator.

6/27/99 No work on the car today, but I did get about half of the garage cleaned up.

6/28/99 Today I removed the after market stereo amplifier, speakers and subwoofer from the stang. These will be installed in my new daily driver soon. It�s a GMC safari van. Not nearly as much fun as the mustang, but it should provide some extra incentive to get the cobra done quickly.

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